Security - $25

per month 1st year
24 Hour Monitoring
24 hour monitoring by our UL Certified, Award-Winning Central Station

1 - 2 gig Go Control Panel
3 - Door Sensors
1 - Motion sensor
1 - Keyfob
1 - yard sign

Activation Fee:  $100 reg.
now FREE ($100 savings)

Equipment: $800 regular price
50% off now just $400.00
($400 savings)

Installation: $100 regular price
now just $50.00 
($50 savings)

Monitoring: $35.00 regular price
first year $25.00 a month
($120 savings)

Online savings $670.00
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There's nothing rudimentary about our Basic Home Security Monitoring Package. This system is easy to use and is affordably priced. It comes with all this equipment and many high tech features:

• Up to 3 entryway contacts for your home, so you're notified of anyone unlawfully entering.
• Infra-red pet-sensitive (up to 40lbs.) motion detector that alerts you of suspicious movements, without causing false alarms from friendly household pets.
• Keychain remote control that allows you to arm or disarm your home alarm from up to 100 feet away from your home. Help protect your home as you leave with the touch of a button, and just a click gets you back in!
• Premium LCD touch screen keypad with all the standard features in one convenient place.
• Door chime that alerts you when someone is entering or exiting your home when one of the monitoring devices is triggered while your alarm is disarmed.
• High decibel siren that is sounded when one of the monitoring devices is triggered when your system is armed. This very loud alarm usually scares away any potential intruders before they even have a chance to do harm.
• 24-hour back-up battery that keeps your security system up and running even when the power in your home is out. Power outages shouldn't give burglars a reason to try and enter your home.
• Yard sign and window decals, a deterrent that helps stop intruders before they even touch your home.

This system will provide peace of mind through the use of a standard landline telephone.
The landline telephone transmits signals directly to our award winning central station in the event of an emergency. If you don't have a landline telephone, check out Advanced Package that includes a cellular communication device.
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